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5 Things Leaders Can't Make a Difference Without | John Meador
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5 Things Leaders Can’t Make a Difference Without

09 Jun 2014, by John Meador in Uncategorized
Things NEED change. In the kingdom. In the churches.
Otherwise, we keep getting what we’ve BEEN getting.
But the kingdom won’t change until churches do. And churches won’t change until leaders do.  That’s why God is in the business of changing, challenging, growing, squeezing, breaking and re-making leaders. Every great move of God is preceded by a leader’s personal transformation.

What does it take to change things?
  1. Awakening. The realization that we’re being called to a higher level by God. We look around us and say, “More is needed from me. God is asking more.”
  2. Challenge. Challenge that is not random, nor is it “general.”  It will focus on a key and influential element of ministry life or the work of the church.  That’s how the leader knows what God is asking.  As it begins to take place, it emboldens the leader in ALL areas.
  3. Urgency in Prayer. Transformation is accompanied (and is actually onset) by a deepening prayer life and a sense of urgency that says, “This is bigger than me.” It drives a leader to their knees. That greater dependence changes the character and energy of a leader.  It’s called faith.
  4. Boldness. A leader commissioned with message and purpose by God carries a conviction that says, “We can change the world from where we are and that’s what we must do.”
  5. Direction. “Leaders” get their name because they go first and in uncertainty, bring others along. There is no change until the leader ACTS. Often, it’s at a critical crossroads.  They act boldly and confidently charge the goal. They may see several other elements unfolding and become the catalyst because they have vision.
God is in the business of building leaders. Is he calling you?