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When Will the Church Rescue the Drowning?


It’s an incredible story, just now unfolding.  A family of nine swimming together in Panama City, in trouble due to strong currents just off the beach, are about to drown.  One has given up and told the others to save themselves.  No lifeguards are near and most of the people on the beach seem oblivious.


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It’s Time to Lead


The election is past, and we’ve got a new chapter ahead in our nation. It’s time to lead.

It’s time for the church to lead the way – because no governmental institution can do what the church can do. No one has a leader like we do – King Jesus. No one has the power of the Gospel and forgiveness like we do. We have to lead.


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Prayer for America


On Sunday, November 6, as our church prayed for our nation, Dr. Jimmy Draper shared what God has led him to pray about our nation – based on Daniel 9.   Please read, pray and share in these next few hours and days.


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A Lot of Mess In Between


God is a great God who can turn our mess into mercy in a moment.

That’s the thought I get when I read Psalm 105 and the narrative of Joseph.  You know, the Hebrew guy with the many-colored coat, whose jealous older brothers faked his death, and sold him to into slavery to Egyptian traders.  What a life.  What a mess.


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The Church United

The Church United vs. Culture Divided


Striking images hit me this morning. The recent string of cultural and racial clashes in our nation, the senseless killing of police officers, along with the ever-present terrorism world-wide have me wondering, “How can this be changed?”

Who will stop shouting, stop dividing and begin reconciling? There’s one answer – the Church will do this. She’s made for this. The church was birthed in racial strife, where Jews and Gentiles raged against one another until the gospel drew us closer together.


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Five Responses by the Christian in a Same-Sex Marriage World


On June 26, 2015, the SCOTUS ruled 5-4  to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states.   This is not the first time SCOTUS has ruled contrary to Scriptural truth and natural law.  It IS momentous.  The landscape is changing and the cultural plates are shifting.

What’s happening in America is the result of the ever-widening gap between absolute truth and relativism.  In America, our nation is redefining what we want to consider to be truth.  SCOTUS did this Roe vs. Wade when devaluing life in the womb.  The consequences have been wide-ranging and horrific, and this will always be a consequence as we step further away from truth.  WE have no authority to define truth.  GOD does, and already has. We look to Him to know and understand truth. …more


What Is A Great Woman?


Proverbs 31 is about a great woman expressing that greatness in her context.
It is not just about mothers (although this woman was one).
It is about women.  About wives.  About influence.


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It’s Saturday on Holy Week.   Jesus’ body has been buried. His followers have mourned and are still mourning. They are out of sight – hidden and grieving.  this day is often called “Silent Saturday” because we know little that happens physically on this day, but…


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