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Five Responses by the Christian in a Same-Sex Marriage World


On June 26, 2015, the SCOTUS ruled 5-4  to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states.   This is not the first time SCOTUS has ruled contrary to Scriptural truth and natural law.  It IS momentous.  The landscape is changing and the cultural plates are shifting.

What’s happening in America is the result of the ever-widening gap between absolute truth and relativism.  In America, our nation is redefining what we want to consider to be truth.  SCOTUS did this Roe vs. Wade when devaluing life in the womb.  The consequences have been wide-ranging and horrific, and this will always be a consequence as we step further away from truth.  WE have no authority to define truth.  GOD does, and already has. We look to Him to know and understand truth. …more


What Is A Great Woman?


Proverbs 31 is about a great woman expressing that greatness in her context.
It is not just about mothers (although this woman was one).
It is about women.  About wives.  About influence.


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It’s Saturday on Holy Week.   Jesus’ body has been buried. His followers have mourned and are still mourning. They are out of sight – hidden and grieving.  this day is often called “Silent Saturday” because we know little that happens physically on this day, but…


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Good Friday. What a name.

When you and I wake up in the morning on Good Friday, we should remember that Jesus has been going through a series of rigged and brutal trials that will lead to His crucifixion later in this day, 2000 years ago.  He will be accused, beaten, spat upon, ridiculed and insulted – all before being stripped naked and scourged to within an inch of His physical life.


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Do you know what was happening on what many call “Maundy Thursday”?  In the life of Jesus, the cross and tomb are now nearer than ever.

But this is no meaningless death – and no permanent tomb.  But first, He prepares His disciples and then prepares Himself for the sacrifice of “the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”


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Wednesday of Holy Week is often called the “Silent Day.”  Two days before His crucifixion…the clock is ticking toward the tomb…and we find nearly nothing from Scripture about the activities of Jesus.  However, if we look at what has already transpired, and what is about to happen, we can deduce that some critical things are happening.


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Have you ever contemplated the unfolding of the events of Holy Week?  What was Jesus doing in days leading up to the Cross?  What was happening around Him that impacted the incredible significance of this event of the crucifixion?

See the video here:  Monday of Holy Week

Jesus seemed concerned about three things on Monday: …more

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The Church United: What Does It Look Like?


The church must UNITE in the focus of mission and the Gospel.  This is an incredible priority of Jesus Himself (the Head of the Church) in His prayer found in John 17.  I can’t get this prayer out of my mind – so I’m praying it with Him. And I’m praying more boldly and more loudly for this than ever before. And you should be, as well.


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