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Dad – Be This!

14 Jun 2014, by John Meador

It’s an amazing thing to have a great dad like I have!  I’m painfully aware, however, that all don’t have this.  But here’s what one looks like:

*He’s THERE.  My dad made sure he was at all my important events as a kid. Ball games, the lake, CHURCH, in the hospital when I broke stuff, and watching me work at the jobs HE came up with.  BE THIS!

*He’s a RESCUER.  I could count on dad to be there when I was in trouble – and I was!  He “delivered me from evil” more than a few times. He set me straight A LOT, with patience, not anger.  BE THIS!

*He’s an EXAMPLE.  My mom and dad carried on in front of me.  It was PG, but it was there.  I know how to love a woman because he showed me. He was an example in a ton of things, but this comes to mind.  He said, “I love you” a lot to his family.  BE THIS!

*He’s REAL.  I saw my dad cry more than once – for all the right reasons. Spiritual reasons. Disappointment and pain-type reasons. BE THIS!

*He’s DURABLE. I watched him get hit hard in life by some things in ministry, family and personally.  He got back up.  Every. Single. Time.  BE THIS!

*He’s a true FOLLOWER of Christ.  Lasting image – my dad on the porch in the mornings with coffee and a Bible in hand.  I do that now.  BE THIS!

*He’s FOR YOU.  Dad always had dreams for me.  He wasn’t living through me, so he adjusted often, but he did dream greatness for me – in football (which I eventually left for basketball), in life, in school, in marriage and now in ministry.  You need someone to dream with you – to believe in you.  He did that.  BE THIS!

THERE’S MORE.  But if you begin here, you’ll figure out the rest.  Get after it, dad.


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