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Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

11 Feb 2008, by John Meador in Uncategorized

“Will there be dogs in heaven?”

Set the scene in your mind. I was studying about the new heaven and new earth and as I shared this during a lunch meeting, I was met with the question above. Now, I’m on the spot. Maybe 60 or so eyes looking my way.

Respected scholars are split on the subject. Some say, “no.” Dogs don’t have souls.
Some say, “yes.” There were animals in Eden – and the tree in Eden will resurface in heaven. They have a point.

But my answer THAT moment: “Well, if there are dogs in heaven, I know one that won’t be there – MINE.”

But in seriousness, I was reminded that even though my dog is rebellious, selfish, dirty, a moocher, and even far worse than those descriptors on her most disobedient day, she still is no more disqualified for heaven than I am. In fact, upon further reflection, I realized my own stubbornness and rebellion, selfishness, etc., are uglier than than the dogs. I have a head start on being intelligent, reasonable and capable of knowing better than to offend my Maker and Master. And yet, I am still disobedient. Not as bad as I once was, but still…

I don’t know if dogs are in heaven, but because we are all in the same boat, I am ever thankful for the ocean of grace.