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Get to the 7

16 Jun 2014, by John Meador in Prayer

“Get to the 7”  #gettothe7   You’re going to hear a lot about 7 from me in these days ahead.

Why?  Because it’s an incredible prayer principle.  Remember Joshua marching around Jericho?  How many days did he march?  7.    How many times did they march around the city on the seventh day?  7.   (we practice this weekly in our church by urging people to pray 6 days about your “walls” and then joining others on the 7th, on Sunday, and crying out to God)

Remember Elijah sending his servant up to the mountain to see if the prayed-for rain was about to happen?  How many times did he go up?  7.

Naaman was told to dip in the Jordan seven times.  7.

And I could go on and on.  7.

I’m going to be challenging you in learning to pray in a life-changing way in the series I’m beginning.  It involves getting to the 7.  Enduring.  Following through. Forgiving. Seeking.  Asking.  Watching.  Then seeing the power of God.

When you get to the 7, you are carrying through in prayer – asking and expecting God to work – and He will work supernaturally on your behalf.

7 is a number of completion.  A number that signifies a journey to completion.

Take the prayer journey with me in the 7 series.  Get ready for a ride. Get ready for the time of  your life.  #gettothe7