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04 Apr 2015, by John Meador

It’s Saturday on Holy Week.   Jesus’ body has been buried. His followers have mourned and are still mourning. They are out of sight – hidden and grieving.  this day is often called “Silent Saturday” because we know little that happens physically on this day, but…

…there is a spiritual roar taking place. It’s the deafening sound of death being ripped out of it’s foundation – sin.  You see, with sin comes death.  Sin is always attached to death and death is always attached to sin.  To defeat death, one has to defeat sin, and none of us can do that.  No on on earth can do that – no one has ever done that – until Silent Saturday.

On Silent Saturday, Jesus went and “made proclamation to the spirits now in prison…” (1 Peter 3:19)   This is the roar.  This is the startling sound that breaks the law of sin and death and rips the power of death from satan himself.  This is what strikes fear in every demon of darkness and what banishes satan to the bottomless pit.  And it’s what brings hope to every one of us who hates sin and death.  It’s the roar of victory.  The roar of resurrection.  Jesus. Has. Overcome.

If death could have held Him, sin would have won.  But it didn’t.  It didn’t hold Jesus, and it can’t hold us – so long as we are IN Jesus.  The resurrection is the trump card over the finality and hopelessness of death, and Jesus continues to shout life for us because of what happened on Silent Saturday.

It may be Silent Saturday, but what happens there should cause the believer to shout and sing and praise and worship the God who destroyed sin and death!



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