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John Meador | Jericho Challenge
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One of the greatest military victories in the Bible involved the destruction of the walls of the fortified city of Jericho at the hand of God Himself. In Joshua 6, God outlines His battle plan commanding His people to march around the city once a day for six days, and on the seventh day to march seven times, and to shout at the sound of the trumpets. They did just as God commanded… walls crumbled. God gave His people victory.

The “Jericho Challenge” is a prayer challenge based on this ancient example and is centered on the truth that God can bring down huge walls in our lives. In the Old Testament, God gives His people a promised LAND, but today, He gives us a promised LIFE. First is the promise of a new life in Christ, and with that are promises in Scripture for nearly every imaginable situation you can encounter. His promises are meant to be believed!

At First Euless, the Jericho Challenge has become a prayer movement. Each week, we invite our people to join us for a time of ministry through prayer. They come to the stage and our team prays for them aloud. We have seen hundreds respond and countless prayers answered. Some of the most powerful times of worship have happened as people come to the front of our church for prayer.

It’s an amazing experience. Watch Pastor John Meador explain it in the video. Then read the story below from First, the magazine of First Euless.

Throughout history, men have taken up causes and created movements for noble and noteworthy things. But, when their season is over or purpose fulfilled, they fade away. And the world is left waiting again—waiting for leadership or direction, a habit or hobby, innovation or anything to fill what is so desperately empty.

In the absence of more, we begin to believe that we are enough—independent and in control. While it’s true that we really need very little, we do need a Savior. Each and every one, in need of only One: Jesus Christ. This evident truth is what causes God to move among His people, to draw us in and send us out, out into a lost and dying world, out to share the Gospel, out to bring hope.

Something supernatural is happening at First Euless. The staff is seeing a rising level of excitement and urgency, a unity in their vision and focus. Throughout the week and especially on Sundays, we are experiencing first-hand increasingly powerful prayer and passionate worship. Something is happening that cannot be traced back to strategy or curriculum, not to men or methods. Make no mistake, what’s happening at First Euless is a genuine and mighty move of the Holy Spirit. And this divine movement does not merely reform, it transforms; it is born in the very heart of God, established in His Word, energized by His power, guaranteed by His provision, and accomplished through and for His people. These are the sparks that become the fires of revival.

But revival is not an event. It does not always happen over a weekend or under a tent. It’s a fire best burned long and slow, fed over time. First Euless has a rich heritage of prioritizing prayer, elevating scripture, inspiring traditions in worship and discipleship that continue even today and have increased exponentially.

This year began with a focused season of prayer, fasting, and worship. We spent time seeking God’s direction, vision, and heart for every facet of ministry. God used this time to revitalize our call to evangelism, empower our prayer, and anoint our worship. God’s Word declares, “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.” We believe this to be true and are committed to demonstrating it.
This call to boldness is what led Pastor John Meador to issue the Jericho Challenge—an opportunity to petition and trust God with even the largest needs, “circling” them in prayer for six days and celebrating together on the seventh day. This has become a customary and vital ministry time during our services because it enables our culture of prayer and emerging culture of worship to join together and go with the body, outside the church walls and into homes, jobs, families and relationships. Pastor John Meador and Worship Pastor Andy Johnson believe that prayer and worship are not mutually exclusive, but bound together and intended for each and every day. This combination is bringing such freedom and life to our corporate worship and teaching time. God’s hand is changing the dynamics of our services and we are coming before God as we should: utterly dependent and entirely expectant, overwhelming His altars with prayer and praise.

God’s hand is changing the dynamics of our services and we are coming before God as we should: utterly dependent and entirely expectant…

We are ordinary people who love, obey and serve an extraordinary God. We believe that God has great things in store for this church, not because of who we were or who we are, but because of who HE IS. Hearing from Him will require our obedience, faithfulness and a willingness to cast off all that hinders us and follow wherever He leads, a willingness to battle sin within us and darkness around us. We are committed to the cause of Christ for the sake of Christ. The reason? Each of us was once lost, but has now been found by the Shepherd who seeks to save all.

Sara Johnson