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It’s Time to Lead

10 Nov 2016, by John Meador in Uncategorized

The election is past, and we’ve got a new chapter ahead in our nation. It’s time to lead.

It’s time for the church to lead the way – because no governmental institution can do what the church can do. No one has a leader like we do – King Jesus. No one has the power of the Gospel and forgiveness like we do. We have to lead.

It’s time for us to lead the way to kindness and compassion in the wake of a divisive election. We can celebrate without being crass. We can weep without bitterness and anger. We can consider others first – because He did that for us.

It’s time for us to lead out in racial reconciliation and build bridges to each other instead of walls between each other. We are a nation and we are communities of many colors. What impacts our neighbors impacts us. And our King tells us the eternal home is made up of every nation and tongue.

It’s time for us to lead the way to pray. It should be obvious that the new president needs our prayers – just like the last president did, and the ones before him. Who will do that if we don’t?

It’s time for us to lead the way to truth. We hardly recognize truth anymore, but as believers we have the truth, know the Truth and are called to this – let’s stand for it. Let’s call for it prophetically. Unapologetically. To everyone. Because we know what it looks like when truth is ignored. Because we lose our individual and collective conscience when truth is not longer recognizable.

It’s time for us to shape the direction of a nation. Can the church help mold the next steps we take? Can we call for these things, for compassion instead of ruthlessness? For reconciliation instead of division? For justice instead of injustice? For accountability instead of tyranny?

We (the church) were born into a ruthless, unjust and compassionless culture. And we turned it upside down with the Gospel. Not with a political party and a national leader, but with a leader who said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” A leader who sacrificed Himself for us. He’s our hope.

It’s time to lead that way again.