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6 Stones Story Section

Sara was a loving mom in desperate need of a miracle. How could she face her young children on Christmas Day with no gifts and little food? Where could she turn, who would care enough to help a family like hers, and why would they bother? Sara’s answer came where thousands of real people in our community find real hope – the people of Cross City and 6 Stones Mission Network.

Last December, Sara came to 6 Stones’ Night of Wonder event at her kids’ school and received gifts and food for her family. Months later, though, she received a far greater gift. When one of our “Can We Talk?” evangelism teams knocked on her door, she invited them inside, listened intently, and accepted God’s gift of eternal life. She was looking for new hope; she found a new life. And the reason she was willing to listen was because she had already been blessed in a tangible way.

Billy too was desperate, so he recently came to 6 Stones’ New Hope center. He received both food and the gospel from one of Cross City faithful volunteers. Our member, however, didn’t stop there. He helped Billy find a job, brought Billy to our Belong new member class, and got him connected at Cross City. Now, Billy is bringing his daughter with him to church. Like Sara, Billy came for new hope; he found a new life on earth and the promise of new life in heaven.

Miracles like this happen all the time at 6 Stones. Whether it’s gifts at Christmas, food/clothing, home renovations, school backpacks, apartment ministry, or the community garden, countless people receive real hope and experience real life in Jesus Christ. In fact, people come to 6 Stones all the time looking for a miracle, not just food, home renovations or backpacks. When we help them in tangible ways, they see us as a conduit for the fact that God came through for them. They need hope, and 6 Stones is all about restoring hope.

6 stones-3 copyIt all started six years ago during a time of prayer and fasting for Pastor John Meador. During that time, a fire consumed some local apartments and Cross City did not have a way to help these families. For Pastor Meador, knowing of a drastic need but having no way of actually extending compassion was too much. By creating 6 Stones Mission Network as a separate entity, Cross City began the journey of developing a comprehensive compassion ministry. In an amazing act of faith, our church voted to fund the $225,000 seed money to get it started.

Our leaders also did something incredibly simple that we all can do to break down the walls outside our church. They went to City of Euless officials with one simple question: “If we could do something significant together, what would it be?” God used a simple question to initiate a ground-breaking, pioneering home-revitalization ministry (CPR) that is being replicated in other local communities across the country. This same question was then posed to other city and school officials as a way to understand and fill the huge gap of unmet needs of our communities.

As a catalyst of hope that transforms lives, homes and our community, 6 Stones is making a hugely positive impact. People routinely ask Scott Sheppard, Executive Director of 6 Stones, “Why is it called 6 Stones?” Watching Scott answer that question is like lighting a Christmas tree. He radiates as he recounts how the miracle of financial freedom at Cross City was the launching pad for the miracle of 6 Stones Mission Network.

Under the crosses outside the worship center foyer are six stones—each one representing a million dollars of debt that was retired during a trying time. That story still serves as a testimony to what God did back then. And along with Cross City other Miracle of Missions partners, 6 Stones Mission Network is living proof of how that miracle lives on today in our community.

Our Missions Committee has kept 6 Stones as a key local ministry partner in large part because our church sees 6 Stones as an extension of us. Even better is the fact that 6 Stones allows Cross City to have a greater influence throughout the region. Its board of directors includes key leaders from the HEB ISD, cities, county, local businesses and other churches. By building a coalition that provides solutions to meet the needs of our community, 6 Stones fulfills a kingdom mission!

During a recent survey of our deacons, committee members and others, it’s clear that our people love our community outreach, especially 6 Stones. It’s another indicator of how we are shifting from an inward-focus to being a community-minded church. As Scott Sheppard puts it, “6 Stones is people of faith living out their faith, intersecting with people who need faith.” It’s both discipleship and evangelism. And the life-change so often occurs in unexpected ways—in the lives of people who volunteer to bless someone and end up being blessed themselves.

betty-1 copyYou too can be a part of blessing others in amazing ways. You can volunteer at the New Hope food and clothing center, serve at a 6 Stones event, or provide financial support by giving to the Miracle of Missions. Every dollar given to the Miracle of Missions goes directly to missional efforts like 6 Stones. When you give or serve, it changes eternity for people like Josh.

Like everyone who gets food or clothing from the New Hope center, Josh heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Josh came for physical food; he also got spiritual food. As happens for over 1,000 people annually through 6 Stones, Josh prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Cross City volunteer who led Josh to salvation further engaged and encouraged him, resulting in Josh recently being baptized on Sunday morning and beginning his Christian walk at Cross City.

God certainly is the one causing the life-change in people like Sara, Billy, and Josh. And the people of Cross City and 6 Stones— people like YOU—get to be a part of the action! Through your time and financial gifts, you too can be part of everyday miracles at 6 Stones. You too can help people experience new hope and new life.

Tim Alba