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You Make Me Want to be a Better Man

05.09.2014 in Manhood

Men are confused.  In our culture, it's self-inflicted wound.  But even deeper, it's a sin-inflicted wound.  Adam was confused about his role, too. Because men are confused, we often try to find 'our own way' to express manhood.  It usually comes out pretty weird.  Or worse,...

Why Leaders Must Lead in Evangelism

04.09.2014 in Uncategorized

A good word for church leaders of all kinds!  Ed Stetzer, in his blog article, entitled, "Evangelism Is A Core Leadership Quality," writes of this missing priority in so many lives of leaders.  If we would lead, it must be in the direction of the...

All That For This – “Can We Talk?”

01.09.2014 in Gospel

"The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless."--Billy Graham This is an incredible truth.  Our praise to God intensifies when we bring others to Him!  I love the phrase, "raving fans."  When we are raving fans of...

What You Should Remember About Prayer

13.08.2014 in Prayer

Last week, I finished a "7" week series on prayer. We called it "7" because of the numerous references in the Bible connecting prayer and the number "7." Admittedly, preaching seven messages on prayer with a goal to have seven points each week was...

How You Can Change Someone’s Life in Two Hours

07.08.2014 in Gospel, Prayer

Most of us love to talk about "life-change."  We want our lives to change for the better and we honestly want others to experience the best life has to offer. Many of us also realize that involves the Gospel. There is no fundamental change in human...


27.07.2014 in Gospel

A message I preached.  A reference to a movie. And a slew of guys on social media telling me they went home and watched it after church. What is it with "Taken?"  I think I know what it is. It's about a father. It's about a daughter...

Three Things Every Person Needs to Hear

19.07.2014 in Life

Every one needs to hear at least 3 things over their lifetime from a father/mother, spouse, or mentor.  He/she needs to hear: 1.         “I love you.”  We need to hear that verbally, specifically, face-to-face; eyeball-to-eyeball. 2.         We need to hear, “I’m proud of you.” 3.     ...

“Why We Have Mass Baptisms”

15.07.2014 in Uncategorized

A mass baptism service is one of the greatest forms of celebration in the church.  Every year, our church celebrates "I Am Not Ashamed" Sunday, and on that day, after several weeks of preparation (this is not an easy-believism, wet-everybody-you-can kind of church), we baptize...