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The Gospel is more than just something we talk about. It’s more than a thought, concept, abstraction, or theory. It’s the life-altering good news of what Christ did for us – and it needs to be shared! “Can We Talk?” is a movement of the Gospel. More than a simple tool for sharing Jesus, it is a prayer-based, love-motivated sending of trained, prepared, and spirit-filled believers into the community with life-changing truth. And guess what? It works! In the spring of 2014, the people of First Euless shared the Gospel in the community with over 1,000 people, and over 200 were saved.  Each has had follow up and has had an opportunity to connect with our church.

People are being transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ and it’s exciting to watch God at work!  On the nights we go out to share, our report times are filled with excitement, passion and sheer joy over those who have been saved.

“Can We Talk?” has several elements.  It starts with the foundation of a simple presentation of the Gospel.  Meant to be authentic and easy to share, it’s  presented conversationally and  in only a few minutes yet gives a complete presentation of our need and Christ’s gift. You can watch that video presentation on this page.

Second, “Can We Talk?” is a recurring training and sending event.  Each class involves 6 weekly sessions.  Of those 6 weeks, 5 involve going into our community and sharing.  The third and vital element is prayer.  Having a culture of prayer has led to an amazing phenomenon – the increased power and awareness of the role of the Holy Spirit.  And it is HIS power that is moving our people and changing the community. The journey begins with a bold step of faith – it did for me. If you are a pastor or a leader who is ready to turn a burden for the lost into a movement that changes everything, join us in this and we will join with you. This is a time for leadership. Let us send you an information kit to learn more and to see if this tool is the right fit for you.

We’ll work with you and walk with you as early adopters of  “Can We Talk?” as we stretch out nationally to impact America with Gospel.

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