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When Will the Church Rescue the Drowning? | John Meador
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When Will the Church Rescue the Drowning?

11 Jul 2017, by John Meador in Uncategorized

It’s an incredible story, just now unfolding.  A family of nine swimming together in Panama City, in trouble due to strong currents just off the beach, are about to drown.  One has given up and told the others to save themselves.  No lifeguards are near and most of the people on the beach seem oblivious.

BUT, one couple on the beach heard the cries for help, and determined that these people would  not drown that day.  What resolve!  While the wife headed out on a “boogie” board to the people, the husband helped form a human chain, stretching from beach to the people – some 100 yards from shore.  More than 80 people linked arm to arm (some were swimmers, some were not) to reach the distance, and miraculously, each member of the stranded family were rescued safe and sound.

Someone had a plan.  They mobilized others.  Together, they all reached out to those who were perishing.  This human chain reversed what could have been a horrific tragedy.  Lives could have been easily lost.  Thankfully, they are all alive and recuperating.   Read about it yourself at

Just before this story caught my eye, I was reading the latest information about churches in America and why we are no longer reaching people with the Gospel.  The sad and undebatable truth is this:  Churches have no plan.  By a vast majority – some say 90% – local churches have no intentional plan to reach out to people who we know will perish without the Gospel message.

A bunch of strangers on the beach can improvise a plan to reach the perishing, but the local church cannot.  Wow.  That’s a problem.  It’s a problem of no faith – or no compassion.

I’m thankful that I’m pastor of a church with an intentional plan to equip people, to share the Gospel with friends and strangers alike, and to get the Gospel message to those who have never heard.  We have human chains forming all over our church and community with a life-changing message.  They are visible, they are loving, they are verbal and they are prayerful.  We’ve equipped every person we can in the “Can We Talk?” method of sharing the Gospel, and we’re intent on doing our part to change the world.  (

What about your church?  What about you, pastor?  What about you, Christian?   What’s the plan?

There are people all around you who are drowning spiritually.  What’s the plan?