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KiDs® Beach Club is the premier nationwide after-school program aimed at reaching children in grades 3-6.  Among the most effective strategies for sharing the Gospel, it reaches thousands of kids and helps lead hundreds to make Jesus their “Forever Friend.” Because it’s connected to the local church, it’s also one of the best church-growth tools available.

The KiDs Beach Club® model is simple: the local church sponsors, staffs and operates a club in a local elementary school. That’s right! IN the school. KBC makes arrangements with your school district for your club to have a place to meet and gives you the tools you need to run it successfully. Churches that work hard and invest in their club(s) see GREAT success.  Any KBC volunteer would tell you that there are few experiences that compare with the opportunity to lead a child to the Lord. The fact that it’s happening on public elementary school campuses all over America is nothing short of amazing.  God is truly growing His Kingdom through KiDs® Beach Clubs!

When Jack Terrell started KBC, he wanted to have an organization that led kids to the Lord AND connected them with the local church. When a child does as much as attend a Beach Club, it opens up huge opportunities for your church to reach their family. When a child comes to know the Lord at a club, the potential for reaching their family is even greater.  You can see whole families come to know Christ and become active members of your church all based on the connections you make through KBC!

God is doing something great through KiDs® Beach Clubs.  Last year alone, there were over 8,000 kids in 7 states that attended a club, and 571 kids made a decision to follow Christ. Now is the time to get on board! There are kids in elementary schools in your community that need Jesus. KBC allows you the chance to see kids’ lives forever changed and reach their entire family.  What are you waiting for?

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