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The election is past, and we’ve got a new chapter ahead in our nation. It’s time to lead.

It’s time for the church to lead the way – because no governmental institution can do what the church can do. No one has a leader like we do – King Jesus. No one has the power of the Gospel and forgiveness like we do. We have to lead.

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  • "Once in our world a stable had something in it that was bigger than our whole world." C. S. Lewis

  • Humble people are hungry for the truth of the Word. They know they have nothing better to offer. Prideful people think they have better.

  • You WANT to be a humble person. One way or another, God will help you be one.

  • Pride is loud, and makes a racket when you mess with it. Pride is a drama queen, and a horrible mistress. And it keeps you from knowing God.

  • Who saw the Messiah's birth? The humble. Who missed it? Everyone else. Who sees Jesus today? Humble. Who misses Him? Everyone else.